Profile Book Instructions
How to successfully get your team's information and photograph in the tournament Program Book.



You will need player uniform number, name (correct spelling), and position for each player on the team.

Please be sure to spell all names correctly as the information you enter will be exactly what is displayed in the tournament Program Book. 

For position information please use the numeric equivalent. 
1 = pitcher
2 = catcher
3 = 1st base
4 = 2nd base
5 = 3rd base
6 = shortstop
7 = left field
8 = center field
9 = right field

Enter all players before clicking on the submit button.

Click on the submit button one time only.


You need to provide a photograph of the team. Please make sure the image is clear and of good quality. The file should be approximately1Mb to 3 MB in size. Please do not send a photo with smaller file size as the quality of the picture is dependant on the file size.

The photo MUST be in one of the following formats:

No exceptions!  Photos in any other format will not be accepted.

Email your team photo to Linda at



Questions? Email Linda.
Ready? Please click here if you are ready to submit your team's information.